Valentine’s Day Outfit That’ll Transition Day to Night & Won’t Break the Bank

Valentine’s Day Outfit That’ll Transition Day to Night & Won’t Break the Bank

Hey Ladies, lets dig right in.

I’m guessing you’re one of two kinds of people. You either one, plan ahead and you’re already thinking about what you are going to wear for Valentine’s Day and you’re searching Pinterest for outfit ideas. Or two,  you haven’t given it an ounce of thought and you’re reading this thinking, “Wait, Valentines Day is like a month away.”

I’ve got news for you: its right around the corner, like 14 days away! Thats only two weeks, and to help you out I’ve put together two Valentine’s Day outfits with the same statement piece that won’t break the bank!

When I’m shopping, I have a little checklist in my head when I’m deciding on an item. I try to ask myself, “Do I really like it?”, “How often will I wear it?”, and “Is it worth the price?” If I answer yes to those three questions, I’m probably bringing it home with me. But sometimes I see something and I just have to have it. I don’t even stop to think, I just toss is right in the cart! This light pink velvet pleated skirt was definitely that. It’s perfection in my eyes and it’s a great piece for both day and night.

Valentines Day Look

| Pink Velvet Pleated Skirt | Graphic Swing Tank | Denim Jacket | Black Block Heel Sandals |

Valentines Night Look

| Pink Velvet Pleated Skirt | Long Sleeve Black V Neck | Black Block Heel Sandals |

Below, I’ve linked a few pairs of earrings that would look great with both of these outfits.
Unfortunately, the pair I wore with both looks above are not available online.
If I find them, I will be sure to update and link them below along with the others!

Something about Valentine’s Day makes me really happy. It could be the fact that I’m a newlywed and love is in the air, or maybe it’s the dreary days of January and I’m in need of something to look forward to! If you’re now in shock that Valentines Day is only 14 days away and you’re adding picking up gifts on your to-do list check out my post from last week, Valentines Day Gift Ideas.


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