36 Hours in Columbus

36 Hours in Columbus

    One of my dear friends lives in Columbus, Ohio.
I had never visited before this weekend trip and, to be completely honest,
I’ve only ever driven through Ohio.

We originally planned our trip to Columbus because of a conference that I had planned to attend. Last week I received an email that the conference was rescheduled. It was a unanimous decision between Sean and I that we would still go and have a little weekend getaway.

I packed while Sean was at work, and we left right after Sean got home from work.  Our drive was traffic-free, and we only stopped once on our way out of town for the necessities: Red Bull and candy!
We arrived in Columbus around 8:45 pm.

(The drive from Fort Wayne to Columbus was roughly three hours.)

First up, dinner. We were starving by the time we got to town. The decision on what to have for dinner was an especially easy one, Mexican, and Sarah had the perfect place for us to go. Perfect margaritas and authentic tacos!

Cuco’s Tanqeria

 After dinner, we decided to go out and get some drinks.

Balboa & Grandview Cafe

When we got back to Sarah’s apartment, we stayed up talking for over an hour like we were little girls
having a sleepover. There is nothing better than therapeutic conversation with someone who understands your heart.

The three of us got up on Saturday morning, had coffee and got ready for the day. Our goal was to leave by 10:30 but we made it out the door at 11:15, just in time for brunch at,

Standard Hall.

After brunch, we were ready for our little “brew tour” that we had planned. Sean’s a beer fanatic. If you know him, you know that he loves craft beer and trying new brews, so this was right up his alley.

Brothers Drake Meadery
Seventh Son Brewing
Hoof Hearted Brewery & Kitchen

Our three stops after brunch had us ready for dinner. We went home to freshen up and had some snacks. Our attempt to play games at Pins Mechanical Company, a neat place with duckpin bowling, pinball machines, giant jenga, ping pong, and shuffle board, failed when we found out the wait time to bowl was over four hours, and the wait for any other games were two. Sean got us all a round of drinks while we called and ordered pizza to pick up on our way home.

Our quick weekend trip was a soul refresher, one that we badly needly. Sunday came quick and we got up around 9:00 and headed home. I was sad to leave, but left feeling so refreshed. Friends who love you and speak life into you are hard to find, and a friend who will also love and enjoy hanging out with your husband for the whole weekend is even harder to find.

Shout out to Columbus for being such a great destination! Sean and I had a great time and will definitely be making a return trip to see more of all that Columbus has to offer.