Master Mixing Patterns: Step One

Master Mixing Patterns: Step One

 Do you want to go outside of your comfort zone and unlock outfits within your wardrobe that you didn’t know you had? If you said yes, then welcome to step one of becoming a master at mixing patterns.

Mixing patterns used to scare me similar to how wearing denim on denim used to scare me. I felt uncomfortable when I did it. I felt like people were staring because I had just committed some kind of fashion crime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The amazing thing about style is that it’s personal.

Style is as personal as it gets. Your style shows who you are. It shares your personality, it shows how you’re feeling. It can share things about you such as how you enjoy spending your time, and what your favorite color is. So go on, express yourself! Style is art; think in the mindset of shapes, colors, textures, and mood.

I’ve got one simple tip that will have you on your way to being a master at mixing patterns and get you out of your comfort zone!

Simple Tip to begin Mixing Patterns

Use stripes as your base, then add another pattern on top!


Above are two ways that I used black and white stripes as my base to mix some patterns.  This was ridiculously easy. I talk about this jersey knit swing dress all the time, but it really is one of my absolute favorite pieces that I have in my closet. It is the comfiest thing I own which means it gets worn way to often. I have to switch up how I style it, since I wear it so often, and that’s exactly what lead me to adding some patterns!

My Challenge For YOU

This week my challenge for you is to mix it up. Find some black and white stripes in your closet, then add some pattern to it! Be sure to tag me in your photos. I don’t want to miss it!