Black & Gold Inspired Office Space + Special Wedding Memorabilia

Black & Gold Inspired Office Space + Special Wedding Memorabilia

When Sean and I bought our home last April, the front bedroom was purple. It was that way for a few weeks and then I just couldn’t take it anymore. I love the idea of a neutral wall color, and then filling the wall with lots of decor, and that is exactly what I did for our office space.

With that said, I went with a khaki wall color; nice and neutral.

Then I decided on black decor to contrast the khaki and added touches of gold accents.

I snatched an old desk that a friend was getting rid of, and chalk painted it black. I added new hardware to spruce it up a bit. This project cost less than $20 since I used paint I already had. If you’re interested in DIY chalk paint, check out my post Bargain Turned Blue. It’s super simple and super cheap!

One thing I absolutely love about this space is the natural light that comes in through our big window from the front of the house. It’s definitely becoming one of my favorite spots.

FullSizeRender-3Black and gold inspired office spacegold and black office space photo black and gold office space sitting areaIMG_0396

As you can see, it’s becoming one of Wesson’s favorite spots too!

Something special about this room for Sean and I is that it’s the only place in our home right now that we have pictures of our grandparents. The photographs that we have featured in our office space of them are the exact photographs that we chose to have in their honor at our wedding. Our grandparents had monumental impacts on our lives growing up and neither Sean or I got the chance to meet each others maternal grandparents. Without them here, it’s nice to have a place where we can feel like they are present.

Wedding day bouquet bead grandparents wedding day photos

I have also chosen to keep my wedding bouquet on the desk. It’s a reminder of our special day, but there is something a little extra special about it. On the morning of my wedding day, my mother gave me a gift. She handed me a small box, and in it was a small blue bead that was attached to a piece of ribbon. Inside the bead is a bit of each of my grandparents ashes. I wanted to keep it close through the ceremony so I tied the ribbon holding the bead to my bouquet. Since my wedding, my bouquet with the bead has been sitting on our desk, in the room that reminds us most of four very special people.

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