The Perfect Place for a Winter Date & the Perfect Outfit for it

The Perfect Place for a Winter Date & the Perfect Outfit for it

There is something about a cozy coffee shop that has my heart. I mean seriously, the smell of coffee, the light that comes shining through the windows, people coming and people going; its kind of magical. To think that something as simple as a cup of coffee can bring people together is pretty incredible when you really think about it. A coffee shop sees events from first dates to business meetings, it’s full of people having difficult conversations, and people talking who have known one another for years.

A coffee shop is the perfect place for a winter date, and here are a few reasons why-

No matter what time of day works best for your schedule, whether early in the morning or after dinner, it’s open.

Its inexpensive.

It’s ideal for conversation.

You can stay as long as you like, relax, talk, play games, or each get some work done.

The perfect outfit for a coffee shop date is something casual and comfortable, but its’ a date so it also has to be cute! I have a plethora of jeans hanging in my closet, but if I’m being real with you I only actually wear three of them.  They’re the three pairs that are the most comfortable, and these are one of them. Along with this off the shoulder grey sweater which is, you guessed it, my top favorite piece about this outfit. Something about an off the shoulder sweater gives a modest yet sexy feel, perfect for date night.

| Wine Wing Satchel | Off the Shoulder Grey Sweater |
|Ripped Knee Denim | Black Boots |

If you’re not a fan of the coffee shop date
and you’re finding it a challenge to come up with other winter date
ideas, here are a few other to keep in mind:

Ice Skating
Looking at Christmas Lights
Dinner & Wine Night at Home
Christmas Movie Night at Home with Hot Chocolate
Dinner & Hot Chocolate
Bake & Decorate Christmas Cookies

I have a serious love for coffee and wine, so spending date night at the coffee shop or at home with a  bottle of wine sounds just right to me!