3 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself on a Monday

3 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself on a Monday


Sunday is coming to an end, and I’m dreading Monday but it always rolls around. Monday calls for an extra large cup of coffee. It’s definitely the day worth ordering a venti if you know what I mean. A little over a month ago, I was on the road back home from a quick trip to Texas with my mama. I was sipping some gas station coffee while she was driving, and I was excited to get back home to my hubby and sweet pup (singular because at the time we only had one. The night I got back home we went and picked up our second little guy, and you can read the details here.) Although I love adventure, I’m very much a homebody. I like to be where I’m comfortable and for me that’s at home. On that long road trip (that felt forever long) I had plenty of time to think, and something that stood out was how I’m forever dreading Monday, as many of us do. So, I got to thinking about some simple things that I could do to help ease the Monday blues, and here they are.


Embrace your week by motivating yourself with these three things!

New Week New You

As each week approaches I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed, although I’m trying to focus on changing my thought process little by little. Instead of dreading Monday I’m looking at it as a new week that’s full of possibilities. I shouldn’t keep waiting to start working out, eating right, being more kind, or chasing after my goals. Start now; it’s a new week and what better time than now?

Practice Self Love

Be kind to yourself and your week will epically change for the better! It’s so easy to be negative and see the things that you don’t like about yourself. I’m guilty of this daily. Especially with the weather changing currently and winter bod in full force. I’m trying to replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It’s easier said than done, but well worth the practice, and the more that I am practicing this, the easier it gets. When I think of something to put myself down I try to stop, even if it takes me a second to come up with something, and replace it!

Write it Down

When I don’t know what to expect from the week I get anxious. I’m a planner, you can ask my husband. I’m always asking questions so that I know what’s to come and what to expect. When I have a solid idea of how the week will flow I feel so much better. Having a planner works wonders for me! Writing down things that need done, bills that are due, where to be when so that I can visually see the week makes a huge difference for me. I’m also a big fan of making lists. I make lists of the things that I have to do; sometimes what I need to do throughout the week, sometimes I break it down into each day. Sometimes I wake up and make the list of the day’s agenda and requirements. Again, having something that I can visually see helps me feel confident to not forget anything and have a sense of accomplishment when I’ve crossed everything off!




Mondays aren’t bad, so let’s stop thinking of them this way!

His mercies are new every morning 
Lamentations 3:22-23