How to Style your Hair at Home like a Pro

How to Style your Hair at Home like a Pro


In one of my more recent posts, My #1 Secret for a Good Hair Day, I mentioned that prior to using my favorite product I dry and straighten my hair. I got a couple of questions about which products I use (if any) prior to using my blowdryer or flat iron, so
I wanted to share with you the products that I use and how I use them.
(My all-time favorite product, my secret weapon, you can check out here!)

First I wash and condition. I alternate between using Matrix So Silver and Matrix Color Obsessed shampoo. I like to use Matrix So Silver purple shampoo every two to three days. It helps keep my blonde nice and bright between trips to my hair dresser. I’m a gal that likes conditioner, and I use Matrix Color Obsessed conditioner. I let it sit on my hair and soak in for a good minute before I rinse it out.
I like to moisturize my hair since I style it so often.


When I’m out of the shower and ready to start styling, I remove the excess water from my hair with a towel then I use a pick and comb through my hair. After it’s combed through I grab my KMS Therma Shape Quick Dry Blow Dry spray and spray evenly throughout my hair.


When I’m finished prepping my hair to be dried, I grab my Conair Infinity Pro Blow Dryer and Conair Gel Grip handle XL Thermal Round Brush. I section from bottom to top and use a round brush to dry each layer. Using a round brush helps to add shape and volume. You can find the sectioning hair clips I use here here.


Once I reach my crown I over-direct to increase volume. Over-directing sounds complicated but is pretty easy. You want to pull (and dry) your hair in the opposite direction of how your hair freely falls.

(Excuse my roots. Im headed to the salon next week!)



After I have my hair is dried I turn on my flat iron to heat up. I love the flat iron I use. I’ve actually forgotten it at a hotel before and when I needed to buy a new one to replace it, I bought the same one because I’m loved it so much.
It’s also a great deal, you can typically snag one for under $20!


I section my hair for the second time using the same layers I did while blow drying. Again, I work from bottom to top. I use my flat iron to smooth my hair and curve it under a bit, this helps to add volume and shape.


To finish with my flat iron I straighten the front pieces that frame my face. I then proceed to styling with my favorite product, Big Sexy Powder Play, read all about this step here, next I add Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy to piece apart and add some texture to the front of my hair.


After this, I finish with my Kenra Volume 25 finishing spray and I’m good to go for the day! Although this may sound like a lengthy process, with some practice you can have it down to less than 30 minutes like I do!


Check the links below for products/tools I use. If you have questions, please comment!

Matrix So Silver Shampoo | Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo |Matrix Color Obsessed Conditioner | Kenra 25 Volume Spray | Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy |
KMS Therma Spray Quick Dry Blow Dry Spray | Remington Diamond Hair Straightener | Conair Infinity Pro Blow Dryer | Conair Gel Grip Handle XL Thermal Round Brush

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