10 Tips for a Positive Life

10 Tips for a Positive Life


#1 Be Positive
Choosing to be positive is most definitely a choice, and not always an easy one. You can chose to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You can chose to see joy in your surroundings. To live a positive lifestyle you have to start by simply practicing positivity, toward yourself and toward others.


#2 Take Some “Me” Time 
This is easier said than done when life is busy and your everyday routine is calling your name. Taking some time for yourself helps to refresh. Read a book, take a bath, spend some time getting pampered. Do something that makes you feel good and gives you time to reflect and recharge.


#3 Nap
When I’m exhausted, I’m not productive. I’m often cranky and my mood is extremely poor. After a good nap, I feel like I can tackle the world. Now I’m not saying nap everyday  but, when you need to rest, listen to your body and don’t feel guilty about it.


#4 Immerse Yourself In Scripture
Reflecting on the way the Lord loves me, reminds me to love myself that same way. We should all love ourselves for who we are and for the way we were wired.
Embrace the life you live and the gifts that you’ve been given.


#5 Surround Yourself with Positive People 
Have you ever been around someone who is in a bad mood and realized that their poor mood has rubbed off on you? Don’t let that happen.
Smiling is contagious, laugh more often, and be joyful!


#6 Compliment Others 
I’m the person in the grocery store that will come up and tell a stranger I like their shoes. I’ve even asked someone in a restaurant if I could snap a picture of their hair because I loved the cut. I have to tell myself to not just think it but to say it!
It’s small act that can impact someone in a really big way.


#7 Exercise
This is something I fail at often (nearly everyday) but, when  I exercise my mind is clear and I feel productive. My thoughts flow better and I sleep better at night. Researchers say people who engage in regular exercise are 25% less likely to develop depression or anxiety. That just shouts get some exercise for a positive life.


#8 Make Your Bed
There have been numerous articles written on this subject. I used to not care if my bed was made or not. I couldn’t understand why I should put in the effort when I was just going to get back into it later that night. When I actually started making my bed every morning I realized just how powerful it is.


#9 Set Goals 
It’s small but it helps me keep myself on track. Setting goals isn’t just a thing to do at the beginning of the year. Try setting goals each month or even each week. They don’t have to be huge goals, just something you want to do/get done. Accomplishment brings a great deal of satisfaction. Try using the SMART acronym for goal setting.
S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Attainable, R- Realistic,  T- Timely


#10 Believe In Yourself 
My mom gave me a small plaque that read, “She believed she could, so she did.” It hung in my room and I read it often. Although I don’t have the plaque anymore, the simple quote sticks with me. I feel as though I’m constantly comparing myself to others on social media, or even other bloggers. If you believe that you will succeed, you will. If you believe that you’ll fail, you will. Believe in yourself, believe that you have a purpose in this world, believe that the possibilities are endless.Untitled drawing-9