My #1 Secret for a Good Hair Day

My #1 Secret for a Good Hair Day


I’m no professional but I did grow up with one.

My mom had her own salon in our home for 13 years. I watched her cut, color, and style clients hair day after day. I watched in amazement as she transformed each woman. Every time a client walked out of her salon they were more confident than when they walked in. There is power in beauty and when you look good, you feel good.

I get asked often how I get my hair to have volume and stay teased.
Today, I’m sharing my secret on how I do it.

My #1 Secret for a Perfect Hair Day: Big Sexy Hair Powder Play 


This stuff is magic. It will help you achieve the volume and texture you want from your hair! I use Big Sexy Hair Powder Play daily along with Kenra Super Hold Finishing Spray. It’s my secret weapon to styling my hair. Check out my before and after below!

How I use Big Sexy Hair Play: 

1. I wash, dry, and straighten my hair.

2. I part my crown into sections along with a layer on both sides of my head and sprinkle the Hair Play Powder at my roots.

3. Then I rub the powder into my roots. After this, your hair will feel textured (almost dirty feeling) where you put the powder. Don’t freak out, you want it to!
It will hold the tease better!

4. After I’ve got the powder in I go back and part the same sections I previously did, I use my teasing brush and backcomb each section.
At this point it will look crazy so bear with me!

5. After each section is teased, brush it down (with your teasing brush) to shape it. (There is good and bad teasing. Big hair is good hair as long as it doesn’t look crazy!) Once I’ve brushed it down, I finish with Kendra 25 hold hair spray.


Get the three products I use below!


Teasing Brush | Kenra 25 Volume Spray  | Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Share with me what your secrets are to a good hair day!

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