Wedding Planning Wrap-Up

Wedding Planning Wrap-Up

Nine months of planning leads to six hours of celebration which leads to a life together, forever. 

As we wrap up planning and the final details smooth themselves out, I reminisce on the sweet memories that this season has brought. I take a breath and remind myself that soon all of the wedding planning stress will disappear.


Sean and I looked at one venue. Yep, just one. We instantly fell in love and we knew as soon as we left that it was the place.


Mustard Seed Gardens is magical. From the moment you step on the property you can feel it. The team is amazing to work with and they have made the process seamless.


Cake tasting might be at the top of my list for sweetest memories of wedding planning. (Makes sense that cake tasting would be the sweetest huh?)
Who doesn’t want to have a plate full of cake sat in front of them with the freedom to eat it all!?


But, shopping for a wedding dress, that’s what little girls dream about.

My mom, my sister, and I went dress shopping the morning after Sean proposed. I didn’t expect to find the dress that quickly but as they say, when you know, you know. 

And when I put the dress on, I knew.

Registering, now that was fun! We registered for so much that when we got gifts I didn’t even know it was stuff that we were registered for!


The bridal shower and the bachelorette party; they have purpose. Not only did I get showered with love, gifts, and celebration but, these events were time set aside that I got to spend with all of the women I look up to most.

Today, I had my final dress fitting.

Tomorrow I will pack and continue to finalize details for a day that will forever change my life. This season of life has been so sweet and I’m holding onto the last few days before I begin a Richards lifeUntitled drawing-9