Free fallin’ for Fall

Free fallin’ for Fall

Fall is easily my favorite season. I’m obsessed with being cozy and cuddled up. I love a fire and being able to wear sweatshirts. The leaves change colors and on cool mornings the world seems to almost stand still. Walking out into the crisp air is the perfect time to pause and take it all in.

Currently, it isn’t fall, but it’s not really feeling like summer anymore either.  So when I was getting ready to attend a bon fire over the weekend I didn’t know what to wear!

After standing in front of my closet for a solid ten minutes, I decided I’d dress for both seasons.

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Jeans are a must, and my converse are a go-to when I’m going to be outside. So, dressing my bottom half was easy. But what about a shirt?

I knew it was going to get chilly, but the sun was still out so I didn’t want long sleeves. The balance that I decided on was wearing a tank and adding a flannel. I kept the flannel wrapped around my waist while it was still warm out, and as soon as it cooled off I had some sleeves.

I’m head over heels and free fallin’ for fall.

This fall will be extra sweet since I get to marry my soon-to-be hubby. September may be the sweetest month of them all, and luckily it’s right around the corner.

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