Weekend Getaway Essentials

Weekend Getaway Essentials


I’m headed out this weekend to celebrate becoming a Mrs. with some of my closest friends and family. I couldn’t be more excited to spend some quality time with my gals.


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A girls weekend getaway is exactly what any girl needs in order to feel refreshed. Who doesn’t feel more positive after getting dolled up, some heart to heart conversations and good belly laughs?

I’m always making lists. Lists of things to do or things I need to pick up. Most of my lists are filled with undecipherable scribbles of things I’m trying not to forget.

With that said, while packing for my bachelorette weekend getaway, I put together a checklist to help remember everything I’ll need.

Below you will find my getaway weekend checklist.

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Download the free printable if you find yourself trying to “not forget” anything the next time you’re packing, plus a few packing tips!

Printable Weekend Getaway Checklist


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 Drink an alka-seltzer before you plan on imbibing some adult beverages. Don’t ask details on why this works, but it works! You will not feel as bloated or hungover the following day!

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Be sure to pack one pair of studded earrings, that way if you forget to pack any other earrings, you still have one pair that will go with everything.

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Always, always pack a strapless bra. Even when you don’t think you’ll need it, you will probably find yourself needing it. No one wants to be the girl with her bra straps showing.

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Roll your clothes when packing them in your suitcase. This helps to lessen the creases and wrinkles in your clothing from rigid folding, and gives you more space for everything else you need to bring!

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Don’t bother packing shaving cream, it’ll just take up more room than necessary. Instead, use conditioner as your shaving cream. That way you get two uses out of one item.

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