My Weekend Drink Diary

My Weekend Drink Diary


Over the weekend we celebrated my sisters twenty-fourth birthday. This meant dinner the day of,  with the next day consisting of lunch and a night out, and what better way to celebrate than with some drinks.

Sean gave me a great piece of advice when I turned twenty-one. He said, “Always try something new. It’s the best way to figure out what you really like.”

As I was encouraged, I decided to try something new at each place, and each were worth sharing about! So follow along through my weekend drink diary.

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We had dinner at Club Soda. The first time I went there I had ordered an ancho chili Grapefruit margarita, and that was delicious, but I was wanting to try something new. I asked the waitress what her favorite drink was, and what she recommended, and she mentioned a few which lead to me being unable to decide (go figure!) so I told her to surprise me and she did not disappoint with The Honey Bee.


As described on Club Soda’s menu, The Honey Bee, “That buzz is all in your head, right where you want it. Nolets Gin. Honey syrup. Muddled Basil. Sweet and Sour. Fresh squeezed lemon juice. Shaken and served in a coup glass.”

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Here, I normally go for the Sangria with lunch or dinner and for brunch I go with their Mimosa. Both are delectable. But I was wanting to try something new, so when I saw their “Lady Stark” on the crafted cocktail list I couldn’t say no.


Per their menu, it is your choice of Tito’s Vodka or Reposado Tequila, ( I tried both and I can’t say I would choose one over the other. Just personal preference!) Sweet Shiraz Reduction, Lemon Juice, Lavendar Bitters, and it features egg white for frothiness. I was a bit intimidated when I saw the lavender, but I took the chance and I recommend you do too!

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I’ve been to the Deck a handful of times and the thing I love most about it, is it’s on the river. Being on the river makes me feel like I’m on some sort of vacation, and that alone is a good enough reason to go. But, their drink selection is great. They have your typical mixed drinks and beers and then they have some signature drinks that all of us ladies (and plenty of men too) love. They have the famous Purple Haze, and Strong Island. But, my favorite is their Ruby Lemon Seven. Its sweet but equally tart. It’s full of flavor without filling you up with sugar. Just trust me, it’s good.


The Ruby Lemon Seven is pretty simple; so simple you could attempt to make it at home, although I don’t think it would taste as good as it does in a classic mason jar next to the river. The Ruby Lemon Seven includes Deep Eddy Grapefruit vodka, lemonade, Sierra Mist and to top it off, they add a lemon.

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This was my first experience here. I asked the waitress what she recommended. She said “June’s Sidecar” was one of their most popular. After I tasted it, I could see why. It was delicious. Tolon is a farm-to-table restaurant and their drinks tasted especially fresh too!


Per Tolon’s drink menu the craft cocktail June’s Sidecar is St. George Citrus Vodka, St. George Raspberry Brandy, Fresh Lemon Juice, Honey Simple Syrup, Regan’s Orange Bitters, and Lemon Twist.

If you’re ever out and about downtown Fort Wayne I recommend you give these places and COCKTAILS a try!

And if you do, (or you’ve had tried them before) let me know how what you think of them! Untitled drawing-9