A Girls Satur-date at the Winery-Featuring my New Favorite Summer Shoe

A Girls Satur-date at the Winery-Featuring my New Favorite Summer Shoe


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I love wine. I love red wine, I like white and I like sweet  wine and I like dry. I just like wine, a lot. Tell me some of you are right there with me!?

Today was gorgeous. It was hot here in Indiana but not hot enough to keep us from sitting outside and enjoying the day. We have friends here visiting and decided we’d spend the afternoon enjoying some live music at Byler Lane, in Auburn. If you haven’t been, I recommend that you go. If you are looking for a place thats super cute  and country chic, it’s the place. You can check out their Facebook page here for details and upcoming events!


You really can’t go wrong by starting with wine slushies, so that’s what we did. Then we switched over to some refreshing white, enjoyed a cheese tray, and shared a lot of laughs.



Today, I wore one of my favorite off the shoulder shirts featured here, in “Yesterdays Shopping Trip and Sale Pick Ups”. This top is so light and comfortable to wear. Sometimes I run into a problem: off the shoulder shirts seem to never stay “off the shoulder” although this one really does. (It’s a win!)


I also picked up a new pair of shoes today at, you guessed it, Target! I had some returns to make so with the refund from the return I didn’t have to spend anything additional. (Another win!) I think they’re still a good deal without the sale price. I will be getting a lot of use out of these. But, if you are in the Fort Wayne area our targets have this pair on sale for less than $25 right now. They’re super cute, comfortable and I am obsessed with the detail.


You can’t go wrong with an afternoon spent at the winery.

After all, Saturdays are for the girls.

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