Fight for What You Already Have

Fight for What You Already Have


Often I think we catch ourselves doing one of two things, embracing our relationships and ultimately moving toward marriage or questioning how we are supposed to live life (especially in our 20’s) being tied down. But what is life if you can’t share it with someone you love?

Over a year ago now, Sean looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m going to marry you.” I laughed; it had only been a short amount of time that we had been together. It sounds crazy, but I just knew what he said was true. I knew he was who I had prayed the Lord would bless me with.

We have fun. We laugh until we have tears. We tease one another. We build one another up. We communicate. We have made the decision to fight for our relationship to beat the 50% divorce rate before we say I do.

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I’m not guaranteed a life without struggle but I can praise God for the struggle he provides us to learn from, (no relationship is without conflict) I can praise Him for what he has done to make my heart more like His, and for all that he will bless our marriage with.

Engagement is a time of immense transition. If you’re currently engaged I think you can relate! Our pastor told us in premarital counseling, “transition brings tension.”  And ain’t that the truth? He couldn’t have said it any better. I pray in my bouts of frustration and over and over again I hear the Lord say, “You will get through.” It’s as if He whispers, “Although you aren’t there yet, although you aren’t living together yet, although there is tension, you are promised many blessings in pursuing a holy marriage. And they will be fulfilled.”

As Sean and I eagerly count down our 50 some days to being Mr. and Mrs. I will praise in all my bouts of anxiety.

Praise when you're weary and your worry will fade


We discuss what a happy and holy marriage looks like for the two of us. We always go back to God and the rest falls into place. My hope for our future is to always pursue one another’s hearts, happy healthy children, and many, many, memorable moments.

I like to think that when you find your one love and when you have common beliefs there will be abundant blessings. I want to share a few things Sean and I practice that help us stay on the same page and be mindful of fighting for what we have.

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Ask, “Is there something I can do to better serve and love you?” or “Is there something I can do to help you today?”

Set aside time to be intentional. Time that isn’t filled with technology, where you aren’t watching Netflix, where you focus purely on one another. Intentional time is useful when you are in an especially busy season in life. These days I’m not sure there is ever a season that isn’t busy.

Chose carefully who you surround yourselves with. We’ve all heard the saying “You are the company you keep” and I find this to be true. Who you surround yourselves with plays a huge role in your choice of activities and your attitude, this goes for you as an individual and as a couple.

I promise these simple things can make a big difference. 


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