Soul Sister Solidarity

Soul Sister Solidarity

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I have friends that I have had since diaper days. I have friends that I have had since grade school, since middle school, high school, and college. We may not talk everyday, we may not be up to date on the latest happenings in one another lives, but nonetheless, we rejoice in the good and can cry with one another in the bad. It doesn’t matter how they entered our lives, what’s important is that they are always there.

A soul sister can understand that life throws you some curveballs. What you need from someone changes and a soul sister can adapt to life’s crazy ride with you. Sometimes you need space. Other times, you need someone to stop over with two bottles of wine. One for each of you.

She’s someone who can understand your crazy. She doesn’t try to change you. You call her because you know her advice is honest, and raw, and sometimes it’s just what you need to hear. You call her when your mom doesn’t answer and you call her for encouragement.

A soul sister doesn’t compete, she’s concrete. Someone you can always count on.

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Your sisters make up your tribe. They defend you, love you, and feed you, both spiritually and emotionally. By Google’s definition, she’s a woman whose thoughts, feelings, and attitudes closely match those of another- a kindred spirit.

I’ve learned some pretty hard lessons on friendships. They don’t get any easier the older you get. Like any relationship, they take work. Soul sisters realize that building each other up is worth way more than tearing one another down.

You know you have a good one when she supports your decisions even when she doesn’t agree, she listens when you’re upset but reminds you when you’re wrong. You can pick up where you left off no matter the distance or time. She loves you through your mess. The older I get the more I realize that the good ones will last, and having positive people not only surrounding you but supporting you makes life so much sweeter.


Shout out to all the soul sisters out there! 

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