My Pup Parenting Fail

My Pup Parenting Fail

Thursday was a little messy.


I was tired, more than I usually am, and that lead me to get irritable and emotional. Happen to anyone else?

So I took a nap and thought that would fix it. I also had french fries with queso for dinner because fries and queso make everything better, right?

Oh yeah, and I had my biggest pup parenting fail yet. This took place after my three hour supposed-to-cure-all nap.

I was getting ready to leave the house, but realized my sister had parked behind me, so I grabbed her keys along with my things and headed outside to move her car.


I unlocked my car.

I sat my purse, my keys, and Wesson on the drivers seat.

I shut the door.

I got into my sisters car, moved it onto the street, and walked back up to the house.

Pause… This is the intense moment. (Are you sure you’re ready?)

As I’m walking by my car into the house, I HEAR THE CAR DOORS LOCK. Yup, my pup was leaned up against the window and stepped onto the lock button. I panicked, walked inside and told my sister, “We have a situation.”

She laughed and face timed my mother while I was trying to coach him to step on the button again. After awhile he did step on it, but only to lock it a few more times. (UGH!)

It would have been no big deal if my spare keys were inside the house. But as my luck would have it, they weren’t.

I called Sean to explain the predicament that Wesson and I were currently in. Luckily for Wesson and I, he was out and about and was able to stop by his house and pick up my spare keys! Yes, I gave him my spare set in case this ever happened. (Actually my mom had told me to give him my spare set, she knows me all too well.)

While Sean was on his way I went out every few minutes to check to make sure Wesson was okay out in the car. (I had never left him in the car alone so this pup mama was a little nervous. Also, it was about 50 degrees outside so he was ok.) He was a champ. I had to give him a few extra treats and snuggles.

I remembered a saying from a book my grandmother had given me, “A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings, Modern American Wit and Wisom 

Thanks, Wesson, for loving me through my failures both big and small, like you being locked in the car.


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