Our Story

Our Story

Let me start off with telling you it’s not a story of fate and attraction but I am so glad that it exists.

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We met through mutual friends (to our friends, we couldn’t be more thankful) and have known each other for a couple of years now. When we first met, our opinions of one another were nothing that we could have ever imagined would lead to where we are today. There wasn’t any attraction, and there wasn’t much more than a “Hello” other than hanging out with friends a handful of times.

Fast forward to April of 2016, and there we were, hanging out with our friends like we had done before. It wasn’t until then that something sparked between us. It was late and we were the only ones still awake. Our conversation seemed to be filled with all of the important stuff; what life meant to us, what we wanted in our futures, both our long and short term goals. For us, that conversation was monumental and I think from that night we both knew something had changed. I shared my dreams of being a wife and a mother and how seriously I took both. In return, my honesty welcomed an honest answer from Sean. He shared how he wanted to be needed, how he wanted to provide. He shared his goals within his career and how he wanted to further the Lords Kingdom, especially through his future wife and kids.

That conversation went so well that we decided to hang out again, and when we did he took his chances on a kiss, which I dissed by turning my head so his lips would only land on my cheek. I wasn’t sure I was ready to fall. Something told me that he was someone worth falling for, and I knew this fall wouldn’t be a fall that I would be able to get up from.

Just a few days later he asked me on our first date. I said yes, and to my surprise, I eagerly waited for the day to come. I wore a dress and our conversation was endless. There wasn’t one moment that went by that wasn’t filled, even the silence was consumed with deep thought about the conversation. Instead of talking about himself he wanted to talk about me, he wanted to know everything and he listened with an intensity that I had not experienced before.

He quickly swept me off my feet by opening every door and with sweet text messages in the morning. My favorite one I received read…

That weekend I met his family for the first time and we spent our time at their lake home, a place where we have made some of the most memorable memories we share.

The two of us had some traveling coming up. I would soon be leaving to move to Texas and he had to travel to Florida for a passing in his family. It was a brief conversation but he had told me he would drive with me to Texas and fly back after I got moved in. He left it up to me if I wanted the company. In return, I told him I would go to Florida with him for support if he had wanted my company. Sure enough we followed through with our plans.

The hours we spent in the car were where we learned the most. We learned that we are never on the same “pee schedule”, that I love sour candy and he would rather eat…food. I learned his love to surprise me. He learned my love of never listening to a full song. We were silly, we were serious. We discussed both embarrassing moments and our deepest fears.

A month after being in Texas I moved back to Indiana. For your sake I’ll skip forward so the story is a little shorter.

On December 31st I became a fiancée at the very same restaurant, on the very same patio, in the exact spot, where we had our first date. As Raelynn’s new song diamonds says, “A diamonds just a diamond ’til you put it on the right left hand, love is just a word ’til you feel it and finally understand.”

There isn’t a better feeling than embarking on a new adventure with your best friend who has promised to do life with you everyday no matter how hard it gets. Currently, we are navigating buying a home, planning our wedding, premarital counseling, and the hurdles of everyday life.

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