All Things Unrelated

All Things Unrelated

These are some of my favorite things right now, and they will probably be my favorite things for a while. I adore them. One is unrelated to the next; some are products, while others are trends, but I think they could be some of your favorites too!

Mismatching Bracelet/Watch Set


I’m kind of obsessed with adding arm candy to any outfit (No, I don’t mean my fiancé, though he’s the best kind of arm candy ;] ). Though I’m not much of a fan of necklaces, I do love bracelets. To dress up any bracelet just add a watch, it’s as simple as that! A trick that I like to stick with is mixing the bracelets by adding different shapes, textures, and sizes.


Silk Caramel Almond Creamer

I love my coffee and I wish I were one of those people who could drink it black, but lets face it, I am all about some delectable cream. I go to bed at night looking forward to my morning cup (or two) of coffee, and this creamer is amazing. With my daily effort to eat healthier, this stuff is a win in my book! It’s packed with flavor and just a little bit goes a long way. The caramel is sweet, and for my sweet tooth it’s perfect!


Revlon Nude Color Stay Lip Liner


I grew up with a mom that always had on her “lips” as I called them. Later, I realized she always had lips whether she had lipstick on or not. I wanted to wear lipstick but could never get it on without it smearing. “Lipstick” was supposed to just perfectly stick to your lips, RIGHT!? I went to the only expert that I knew, my mom, and after she told me her not-so-secret secret of lipliner, I started using lip liner real quick. Once I started putting on the liner, I fell in love with the color. Now I wear this as a full lip color by outlining my lips and then coloring them in. I top it with Aquaphor to help lock in the moisture and add a bit of shine, and it stays all day! This, unlike lipstick, is SUPER easy to reapply during the day if you need to.


OPI Infinite Shine Set – You’re Blushing Again 


I am doing my best to grow out my finger nails right now. I’m certainly not a nail biter, but I am a nail picker. Put me in a stressful situation and I will pick away. I had acrylics but I am trying to save money by not going to the nail salon every two weeks to get them filled. With our engagement photos coming up in April I am trying my hardest to let them grow. I can’t have my hands looking bad in all of those up-close photos of my ring!

There are a couple of reasons why this nail polish is my favorite at the moment. 1. It matches everything! (Black, brown, grey, green, literally every color!) 2. It doesn’t make a big statement! (While growing my nails, out I don’t like them to stand out too much because, to me, my nails just don’t look that good. But, having polish on actually helps me to pick at them less which hopefully means they will grow more!) 3. Spring is HERE and this color is SO spring!

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