DIY Save the Dates

DIY Save the Dates

My fiancé and I’s save the dates have been mailed and boy it felt good to be done and get them sent out! It also felt good because I can’t wait to celebrate such a special day with my man and anything that has both our names on it makes me dance around like a little girl. To save on costs I decided to make the save the dates myself. I love crafting. I wouldn’t consider myself good at it but I enjoy it nonetheless, so for me this was super fun!

I found a template on Etsy from VineWedding that I could edit and then print. It’s a one time fee of $6.90 for the download which let me print as many as I needed. When you
purchase the template it comes with directions on how to edit the text, the dimensions, and what envelopes you will need for sending which made the process incredibly easy.

IMG_7853I bought the paper that I wanted to use along with matching envelopes from Envelopes Store on Amazon (I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime, you can’t beat two days shipping!), and I had a really good my experience with them. Our wedding theme is rustic, so I wanted them to reflect that same feel and chose to go with a brown-paper-bag  paper and envelope.

After downloading and editing I began printing. This was SO easy! I was concerned about the weight of the paper going through my home printer but it worked perfectly which saved some money from having to print them at a store, and time because I printed while doing other things around the house.

I used a paper cutter to help cut straight lines, and after they were all cut I set them to the side. Now I had to figure out how I wanted to spruce them up to personalize them! In order to match the colors of our wedding, I decided to check out Hobby Lobby for some paper to  use as a border. They had a deep wine/maroon color which worked wonderfully as it is also the color of our bridesmaids dresses. Hobby Lobby was having a sale on paper so I went ahead and stocked up, along with some rubber cement to glue it all together.

The colored paper was going to be slightly larger and adhered to the back of the save the date, so I roughly measured the border paper when cutting to make sure that it would fit in the envelope size I had purchased. Other than that, I just eyed how much of the colored paper I wanted to show on the edges. After all the papers were both cut and glued, I decided they needed just a little something more. At this point I wasn’t sure what that “something more” would be…


After some brainstorming, I and decided to use twine and tie it like you would ribbon on a gift box. I found a package of jute twine and gift tags on Amazon which looked to be a promising solution. After I got them in the mail I took one of the gift tags with me to Hobby Lobby and found a stamp that fit in the middle. The stamp I choose read, “From this day forward” in a similar text to that on the save the date.

I got home, stamped all the gift tags with black ink, cut the twine, and began assembling!


Seeing the finished product is always my favorite part of any DIY. In the beginning I always feel kind of lost and have to throw my hands up in a “I hope this falls together” kind of way. Not always but most times, it comes together better than I could have ever pictured in the beginning. These were a special project and close to my heart and I enjoyed every second of it. Next up- Invitations!

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