Twenty One, Twenty Fun

Twenty One, Twenty Fun

Oh how we kids dream about being twenty-one. You can sit in the bar or check out those cool clubs. You can go into the liquor store and peruse the aisles all you want. I’ve always been the baby of the group (whether friends or family) and when they wanted to go out I was always feeling left out.

Untitled drawing-3On February 19th I celebrated my 21st birthday and I was graciously welcomed to the 21 and over community by all of my friends and family with a nice brunch, including mimosas and a day at some local spots.

IMG_7519I don’t know about birthdays for you, but in my family they’re kind of a big deal. My sister, my mom, and I started celebrating on Friday by hitting a local boutique to find an outfit for Sunday. We stopped in at Lane 201 and I found the perfect dress that I didn’t know I was looking for. If you are in the Fort Wayne area I highly recommend you stop by and check them out! You can find the link to their website and the dress I wore here.

We were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather. In Indiana, 60 degree weather and clear skies is not the norm for February, no matter how unpredictable the weather is here. I seriously cannot remember the last birthday that I celebrated where  we were able to spend the day outside! (I was always jealous of the people with summer birthdays because they always got to have the fun parties outside!)

With the weather in mind, I went for a dress ! We all know floral is “in” but I’ve had a secret obsession with anything floral print. (I’m hoping to sneak some floral into my grooms attire, stay tuned!) I paired the dress with tall boots and leggings to offset that fact that yeah, its February and I was wearing a dress.

After I found the dress, I needed to accessorize. We decided to stop by the mall so I ran by Francesca’s. I found a pair of grey and gold statement earrings and then a simple stud pair but I decided to go with the statement pair. After all, I was going to be celebrating my birthday!IMG_7792

After I found my outfit for Sunday, we wrapped up the day with lunch and good conversation and prepared for a busy Saturday of wedding tastings!

When Sunday came around we got ready and headed to a local spot downtown for brunch, The Hoppy Gnome. Again if you’re in the area and you haven’t been I highly recommend it. They’re known for their gourmet tacos and craft beer offerings, but they have brunch on Sundays and $15 bottomless mimosas and it was all delicious!

I’m a little late (okay more like REALLY late) posting this but I have to say a HUGE thank you to my family and friends who came out to help me celebrate such a special day, Lane 201 for the great dress, The Hoppy Gnome for great food, and all of you for reading!