Love & Wesson

Love & Wesson

A dog, hermit crab, a rabbit, a bird, a fish… you name it, I had one when I was growing up. Although now, as an adult, I think I had underestimated how much having a pet positively impacted my quality of life when I was a kid.

A couple months ago I got my little fur baby. My fiancé and I are madly in love with him. Really, my whole family is. He has accompanied me to Christmas and I’ll admit I’ve put him in my purse for shopping trips. He LOVES Target just as much as I do! Our Wesson (named after the gun company) is a shitzu bichon mix, and quite the little lover.

I had been debating on getting a dog for quite some time but always pushed the idea to the back burner after thinking about all the responsibility and costs. After having another flare up with my health, I was feeling pretty down. With my mom’s help searching we found my forever friend. He was also my twenty-first birthday gift thanks to my mama, one I’ll never forget. He brought my spirits up instantly!

I had not anticipated falling in love with him so quickly. Sure, having a tiny puppy comes with its stresses, but the snuggles and puppy kisses make those middle of the night whimpers and the 7 a.m. wake up call worth every second.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 7th grade and was recently diagnosed with a couple of other health conditions that I’ll get into in a later blog post (oh the suspense!). With these diagnoses came depression and anxiety. These combined add an element of uncertainty to my life. Each day brings different struggles that I have to overcome, whether emotional or physical, and many days there are a lot of both.

My little guy gives me purpose. He cures my times of loneliness through the day, and calms my anxieties. He gives me a reason to get moving in the morning instead of staying in bed all day. His wagging tail after I’ve been gone for a few hours is pure joy and his little waddle as he follows me around is adorable. When he follows me in the bathroom and looks up at me like “hey ma, what are you doing?” I’m pretty sure he’s training me for my future babies; he’s doing a good job.

I’m a fur mama and an obsessed fur mama at that. He is one spoiled little pup and so, so loved. I’m thankful for all that he does and all the things that he has no clue he’s doing.Untitled drawing-9