Better for the Betterment

Better for the Betterment

I am an everyday gal trying to better myself for the betterment of the Lords Kingdom. I’m pretty old school; I think there is great value in being a Godly wife, more than today’s society sometimes leads us to believe.

I cannot begin to express the excitement I have to be the one who gets to seek my man’s heart everyday. But, I think something I neglect to realize (or at least push to the back of my mind) is that the best way to seek my fiancés heart is to seek God’s heart first.

With that realization, I decided to take a personal step to prepare myself for the role I will soon be taking on, being a wife. I did some research and thanks to some wise women and precise Google searches I decided to invest in, The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.


We hear a lot nowadays about being a Proverbs 31 woman and what a biblical marriage looks like. Now I am just entering into a lifetime commitment with the love of my life, and all this talk about what a healthy relationship is and what it means to have a marriage that glorifies God, it is something I value and find worth investing in.

In preparing my own heart, I am closer to attaining my goal of being a Godly wife. As I seek God’s guidance daily, He’s doing all sorts of work on me as an individual. Teaching me to bridle my tongue, give of my time, patience, submission, and grace.

Our pastor a few weeks back said this; “It will not be a journey of perfection, but a journey of great joy.” I have applied this to life, to my future marriage, to my relationship with the Lord.

I will never be the best, no matter how hard I try to be. I will never be in perfection as Christ is, but I can strive to be the best in his eyes. I think it is a choice to be mindful and continually put the Lord at the center of my relationships.

He has chosen me to be a wife, to be a suitable helper. He has gifted me with a man who leads me, who encourages me, and who reminds me that only through our Savior will we receive fulfillment of great joy and that, is oh so sweet.

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